Why go offshore

Why go offshore

The benefits of setting up an offshore company

There is always a reason why you should think going offshore. Given the tax incentives available offshore, we see organizations directing their profits from high tax countries to offshore jurisdictions and international business centres and taking advantage of the DTT and the low tax rates. The following are some of the points to consider:

  1. Minimise taxes

Registering an offshore company and take the advantage of DTT and lower tax rates can legally minimise tax obligations of a business and this is often the primary reason for incorporating a business offshore.  Non – resident companies are often tax exempt or enjoy low levels of taxation depending upon the country. However corporate taxation matters can become very complicated and it is very important to be guided by an experienced professional.

  1. Confidentiality

Companies, in some countries, may not be required to publish financial information or the details of directors and shareholders. Or it may be possible to use the services of director and shareholder services in place of the ultimate beneficial owner.

  1. Asset protection

For those with international business interests, an offshore company can be valuable as a vehicle for holding assets such as intellectual property or real estate investments.

  • Use the offshore company for invoicing and re-invoicing
  • Use anonymity (to receive commissions, buy property etc)
  • Use offshore trusts to plan income and capital for your family
  1. Nominee services

You may want to maintain the anonymity of ownership of your company. Therefore you may use in place of yourself as shareholder and director of the company, our nominee companies or employees to assume the roles of director and shareholders.

For your protection we provide you in return a Declarations of Trust (stating that the employee or nominee company of Apserou Shiaka & Co holds the shares on your behalf) and a signed but undated Share Transfer form in your favour. You hold both documents and they are your safeguard.

  1. Save taxes


Transfer profits from high tax countries to offshore jurisdictions and international business centers, thus taking advantages of the lower or zero tax rates and double tax treaties.

They are not illegal, neither to set up nor to use.

It can be the activities of the entities and of the shareholders that can break the law.

Don’t be afraid to use an offshore entity for a legitimate purpose, such as.

  • Holding property in another country

Many people use a local entity to hold real estate in another country. In fact, in some cases you can be required to hold title to a piece of property in another country and required to use an offshore entity

  • Provide some asset protection

A corporation or an offshore trust can provide asset protection. This may doesn’t change your tax obligation in your home country.  When the onshore country is considered unstable with risky rule of law, it might be a must to invest via jurisdictions that provide certain guarantees.

  • Operate an active business

An offshore corporation can be used to run a business in another country

  • Provide for investment diversification

Securities and Exchange Commission Regulations may

  • Minimize probate on death