Registration of a company in Cyprus

Registration of a company in Cyprus

The Companie’s Registrar does the registration of a company in Cyprus. In most cases this is undertaken by Law and Accounting firms, practicing in Cyprus.

Here below we provide a summary of the basic requirements that need to be in place in order to register a company.

  1. Select an appropriate company name
  2. Decide on the amount of the authorised capital (The higher the amount the higher the fee payable), as well as the paid up capital.
  3. Draft the Memorandum and Articles Association (These two documents essentially describe what the company can do and how to do it)
  4. Provide full information on the Company’s Officers i.e. Shareholders, Directors, Secretary etc

No information may be disclosed to third partied unless this is directed by a Cyprus court order. Full details as to the legal rights of companies and individuals relating to disclosure may be obtained through our office.

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