Payroll services

Payroll services

The effective payroll management is essential for the proper running of the business. Many companies choose to assign their payroll obligations to accounting firms for reasons of cost, accurate, timely and confidential operation.

Apserou Shiaka & Co experienced payroll team provides cost effective and comprehensive payroll management services to a broad range of companies ranging from small family businesses to large multinationals.

Our comprehensive payroll management service includes:

  • Registration of your company as an employer with the local authorities (Social Insurance and Income tax)
  • Registration of your employees with the local authorities ( Social Insurance and Income Tax, were applicable)
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Preparation of weekly and/or monthly payroll calculations
  • Preparation of tax computations for each employee to accurately determine the monthly tax deductions based on the signed IR59 form of the employee
  • Arrange timely payment of salaries to employees and deductions to the relevant public departments
  • Compliance and submission of all necessary monthly / annual statements/

    returns to government departments (Department of Tax and Social Insurance)

  • Calculation of monthly payments of tax
  • Keeping payroll records of employees

Provident fund services

  • Assistance with the preparation of the Provident Fund Rules and Regulations
  • Registration of the Provident Fund with the Local Authorities in Cyprus including the preparation of all the relevant paperwork i.e applications
  • Administration e.g monthly bookkeeping and updating of the Fund records
  • Allocation of annual income to members’ accounts and preparation of annual member’s statements

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