Financial reporting and Accounting

Financial reporting and Accounting

Financial reporting

We provide our clients with an extensive range of accounting and reporting services designed to enhance the value of the overall business. We work with the organisations to reduce risk and improve internal and external reporting capabilities to meet accounting and regulatory requirements and / or enhance strategic decision making.


The accounting work is very crucial for all businesses. It requires a suitable internal accounting department which, even though it is costly, professional accountants can use their increasingly valuable knowledge in a way that will drive their clients’ businesses to commercial success.

Our firm, offers a wide variety of accounting services. Assigning the accounting work to an external collaborator can be beneficial for businesses in terms of lower costs. It is worth mentioning that in this way, businesses have the time and cultivate the ability to concentrate in producing and disposing their goods or services for which they eventually become specialized

We can provide the following services to your company at your request:
• Keeping adequate accounting records
• Payroll services
• Maintenance of proper books and records by using computerized accounting software systems in a multicurrency system enabling us to prepare accounts in every major currency
• Invoicing services
• Preparation of monthly /quarterly / yearly accounts for management purposes
• Preparation of projected profit and loss account and Cash Flow Forecasts
• Preparation of financial statements according to International Financial
Reporting Standards
• Assistance in the setting up of computerized accounting systems at client’s
• Training of staff in maintaining proper accounting records
• Supervision of accounting departments and
• We can act as your accounting department

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