The Guide to the Digital Nomad Visa Scheme in Cyprus

The Guide to the Digital Nomad Visa Scheme in Cyprus

Several countries across Europe and the world have opened their borders to welcome foreign remote workers who are in contractual agreements with foreign-based entities and can provide their services using a laptop and a stable internet connection.These individuals who can work remotely are called ‘digital nomads’ and can now apply for Digital Nomad Visas worldwide. One of which is the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa.

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A Digital Nomad Visa is a type of national visa issued by a country to qualifying foreign workers and foreign entrepreneurs who are capable of performing their services using a stable wifi connection and a laptop, i.e., using information and communication technology.

It is a long-term visa that grants residency rights to foreigners who can do their work remotely and are not employed by a company or entity registered within the respective country where they’re applying. The residency period ranges, on average, between six months to two years and can be subject to extension.

The advantages of having a Digital Nomad Visa is that you can acquire residency in a country without investing in it, and often, you are not required to be a registered tax resident. However, tax residency depends on every government’s regulations and sometimes on how long you maintain residence.

The Benefits of Working as a Digital Nomad in Cyprus

There are many benefits to working as a Digital Nomad in Cyprus, which are access to great Mediterranean weather, delicious and healthy cuisine, fascinating beaches, and incredible healthcare facilities, among other things. The most valuable benefit is that if you choose to reside in Cyprus for less than six months, you will be exempt from paying taxes on your worldwide income.

Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Any non-EU, non-EEA, or non-Swiss third-country national employed by an entity registered outside of Cyprus and can perform their work remotely using telecommunications technology is eligible for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa. They have to earn a sufficient and stable monthly income of at least €3500 net after tax deductions.

Applicants who succeed in acquiring the Cyprus Nomad Visa are granted temporary residency rights in the Republic for up to one year, with the possibility of those rights being extended for a further two years period.

The Cypriot government permits digital nomads to include their immediate family members – including their partner/spouse and children under 18 – in their applications and extend their residency rights to them. The only conditions are that none of the recipients of the visa seek employment in Cyprus during that time or partake in any economic or business activities in the nation.

Digital Nomad’s family members are permitted to reside in Cyprus for the same period as the Digital Nomad. For the addition of family members, the Digital Nomad must prove an extra annual income which is 20% for the spouse / partner and 15% for each child. Each family member must submit a distinctive temporary residency application, and pay the respective fees.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Application

Arrive in the Republic of Cyprus

The first step to obtaining a Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus is for you to enter the Republic. You may have to acquire a tourist visa first, should you require one.

Submit your application for a temporary residence permit

Within the first three months of your arrival in the Republic, you must apply for an extended residence permit at the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia and pay the fee of €70.

You must enclose in your application your net monthly income and the type of your employment, i.e., whether you are self-employed or employed by a foreign entity registered outside Cyprus.

You must submit all the required documents along with your application form, and provide your signature and biometric data to the relevant authorities.

Receive your Digital Nomad Data

Should your application be accepted by the Civil Registry and Migration Department, you will receive your new temporary residence permit within five to seven weeks. The Cypriot Nomad Visa will have an initial validity of one year, however, it may be extended for another two years should you decide to renew it.

Renew your permit

If you have decided to renew your first temporary residence permit and continue to reside in Cyprus as a digital nomad, you may submit an application for renewal to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia one month before your initial permit’s expiration date.

You’ll have to resubmit all the required documents, and pay the application processing fee of €70. Once your application has been processed, you will receive confirmation of approval. Your new permit will be valid for a maximum of two years.

Documents Required for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Before submitting your application for a Digital Nomad Visa, you must gather the following documents and accompany these to your Digital Nomad Visa application form and present these to the relevant authorities. These necessary documents are as follows:

  • A filled-out application form
  • A copy of your valid passport or other recognized travel documents
  • A copy of your passport or other valid travel documents that demonstrate your last entry into the Republic
  • Two passport photos
  • A copy of your updated CV
  • Proof of earning a sufficient monthly net income. This can be demonstrated through bank statements that showcase the last six months of any financial or economic activity
  • An original police certificate demonstrating your clean criminal record
  • Proof of your accommodation in the Republic, which can be represented by a rental agreement, hotel booking, or a lease.
  • Proof of your valid health and accident insurance covering inpatient and outpatient care, and other medical expenses
  • Certified copies of your original blood analysis test results, showing that you have no serious illnesses that could harm the Cypriot population
  • Letter of intent stating the reason for your travel to the Republic, and the activities you intend on performing there
  • Proof of your employment by demonstration of contractual agreements.

If you are employed by an employer registered abroad, i.e., outside Cyprus, then you must present the following:

  • Your employment contract
  • A confirmation from your employer that you can perform your duties and services remotely while in Cyprus
  • A copy of the company’s registration certificate
  • Information regarding your employment at the company registered abroad

If you are self-employed, then you must present:

  • Contracts of your current ongoing projects or services provided
  • Confirmation that you can perform your duties remotely while in Cyprus, and that they are in no way connected to any business in the Republic

Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Taxes

Depending on how long you reside in Cyprus as a digital nomad, you may or may not be subject to taxation on your personal income. The Republic considers any individual who resides in Cyprus for a period of, or exceeding, 183 days in the same tax year (1 January to 31 December) a registered tax resident in the nation, on the condition that they are not registered tax residents in any other country.

Personal income tax in Cyprus is measured at the following rates:

Chargeable income Tax rate Accumulated tax
0 – 19.500 Nil Nil
19.501 – 28.000 20 1.700
28.001 – 36.300 25 3.775
36.301 – 60.000 30 10.885
over 60.000 35


Frequently Asked Questions about the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa

Does Cyprus have a Digital Nomad Visa?

Yes, Cyprus provides qualifying foreigners the opportunity of acquiring a Digital Nomad Visa, which is initially valid for one year, and can be renewed for another two years. You may include your immediate family members; including your spouse/partner and children under 18.

Can I work remotely from Cyprus?

Yes, you can. Provided that you are employed by a company registered outside of Cyprus and can perform your tasks using a laptop and a stable internet connection, you may apply for the Cypriot Digital Nomad Visa and work remotely from the Republic.

What other countries offer Digital Nomad Visas?

Many countries worldwide offer their own Digital Nomad Visa scheme to attract digital nomads into their economies. The most popular are the Digital Nomad Visa Europe programs.

How much does Cyprus’ Digital Nomad Visa cost?

The application fee for Cyprus’ Digital Nomad Visa is €70. It is one of the cheapest among all Nomad Visas.

How long can I work in Cyprus as a Digital Nomad?

Digital Nomads are granted residency rights in the Republic for up to one year, with the possibility of those rights being extended for a further two years. Included family members benefit from the same residency rights as the primary applicant.

Do I have to pay taxes in Cyprus as a Digital Nomad?

Not necessarily. Digital nomads who stay in Cyprus for a period exceeding 183 days in one tax year are considered tax residents, provided they are not tax residents in any other nation.

How long is the processing time for the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa?

Provided you submit all the relevant documents, you may acquire your new residence permit in Cyprus between five to seven weeks of lodging in your application.


September 2023